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Tax Equalization


240 2nd St SE Suite 9
Rugby North Dakota 58368-1897

Rugby North Dakota 58368-1897

Director of Tax Equalizaton is responsible for assessing townships and cities with fair market values for all agricultural, residential and commerical property of the county. 



Sales Data, Equalization schedule and Parcel Layer Files are available online at:




Residential and Commercial Property cards are available at:




Homestead Credit Eligibility:

To be eligible for this program, the homeowner must be:


-65 year of age or older (OR with a permanent or total disability; proof is required)

-Live at and be invested in the property

-Not have income that exceeds $70,000, (after the deduction of eligible medical costs) including the income of your spouse, and any dependents, for the calendar year preceding the assessment date.  


2023 Assessment is calculated as follows:

                                                                                                        Maximum reduction of
If your adjusted income is:                % of reduction:                    True and Full Value:

                         $0 - $40,000                                 100%                                       $200,000

                $40,001 - $70,000                                  50%                                        $100,000



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